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Believe in the woman you were meant to be

Remote holistic women's health

​Remote holistic women's health, to transform you into the woman you were born to be. Schedule a one on one consult now to help you take the next step.

It's between you and the mirror, be the woman you were naturally born to be...


Modern health care focused on your individual needs on your time


Defining your natural beauty, your personal strength, including effective movement


Personalized health care management that prevents disease and promotes wellbeing


Rejuvenation that is sustainable and created for your goals and outcomes

Be the expression of your feminine strength.

Be your beauty, be your radiance.


Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Founder and Belever

Lip gloss tube

Pretty in Gloss

A natural looking lip for a beautiful & brightened complexion.

Cosmetic bottle

Natural & Fresh 

The foundation that will leave you feeling bright beautiful and smooth.

Body lotion bottle
Product shot of blush



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Wellness Programs 

One-on-One Introduction

Schedule your free on one consult 45 minutes 

Belev Initial

6 weeks detox intro to weekly remote visits to align you into health - remote and inperson 

Belev Bundle

12 weeks to hormone health and detox reset, we discuss movement and fitness goals, remote and inperson 

Belev Momentum

24 weeks reset detox and balancing maintenance - sessionsl are held remote or inperson

Preventive Botox 

1 on 1 Consult

Preventive Botox 

Select treatment for facial expressions and static lines 

Treatment Botox 

Treat underarms / Vertical neck lines / Lip Flip 

​Customer Reviews

It was great connecting with Isabel, it was as if I had known her all along, she was easy to talk to and she listens. I'm 52 and only wish I would have known her since 25. I felt open and safe to share with everything I had questions about. She's amazing. I recommend Isabel for anyone who needs a primary health care provider with a goal to keep you young, strong, and healthy. 



Talk about painless Botox injections! I did not feel a thing, walked out of her office feeling great! She met previously via a video visit for a consult, we discussed pricing and expectations. This was great! I can't wait to see her again, next time for her well woman services. 



I had been wanting to try two things; botox for the first time and a detox. Isabel was great at walking me through my first botox treatment.  I committed to a 10 day detox session and truly feel fabulous! I feel lighter and less stressed. And after 2 weeks, my botox looks great! I feel rested and radiant all in all! I absolutely recommend her and her offerings

K. T. 


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